Advertisements for Morgans
Advertisements with Morgans
Car Badges
Coffee Mugs and Tea Cups
Collector Cards
Factory Catalogues, Folders, etc.
Lapel Pins
Magazines (with Morgan cover-photo)
Other “Publications”
Pedal Cars
Postage Stamps
Posters, Prints, Paintings & Plaques
Puzzles and Games
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A list of all essentially complete–and–catalogued Collections.

FYI – Car Toys magazine featured many of the Museum’s above-named Collections in their November – December 1995 Issue, replete with photos! Likewise with the Morgan World Issue 15.

Advertisements for Morgans

“The Fastest and Most Economical Cycle Car”, The Cycle Car (18 December 1912), Bk-Wh 3-W side-view, (half-page).

“Have a fun day”, Color with Wh Plus 8 on country lane, (full-page).

“The New Morgan for 1955”, Road & Track, (March 1955), Bk-Wh Plus 4s depicted, (full-page).

“The Lady in Your Life”, Bk-Wh Morgan with Lady on windshield! (half-page).

“The Film Star Car”, Motor Sport (May 1971), Bk-Wh Plus 8 with “Percy” stars, (half-page).

“Man Enough?”, Motor Sport (May 1972), Bk-Wh Plus 8 with Lady at the door, (half-page).

“Which is Your Kind of Morgan?”, Motor Sport (October 1969), Bk-Wh image of three models, (half-page).

“The Leader”, Motor Sport (October 1971), Bk-Wh Plus 8 rear-view, (half-page).

“There’s Something About A Morgan”, Autocar (10 September 1965), Bk-Wh 4/4 front-view, (half-page).

“The Birthday Car”, Motor Sport (May 1970), Bk-Wh 4/4 front-view, (half-page).

“For Those Who Take A Keen Interest In Motoring”, Autocar (May 1950), Bk-Wh 4/4 angle-view, (half-page).

“Designed and Engineered for Those Who Demand the Finest”, Bk-Wh Plus 4 with German Shepard, (full-page).

Untitled, Bk-Wh “artistic” renderings by Charles Morgan (3), (full-page).

Untitled, Bl-Wh Plus 4 side-view, (quarter-page).

“Now The New Morgan”, The Motor (October 9, 1963), Bk-Wh angle-view Plus 4 Plus, (full-page).

“The Morgan Two Seater”, The Autocar (May 23, 1947), Bk-Wh angle-view 4/4, (half-page).

"A True Cyclecar", The Light Car and Cyclecar (November 17, 1913), Bk-Wh 3-W side-view, (full-page).

"Drive of your life", Classic & Sports Car (November 2003), Dark Blue Roadster on car-park, (full-page).

Untitled, The Autocar (December 6, 1946), Bk-Wh front-angle view DHC, (half-page).

"A small car with a large engine...", The Autocar (April 27, 1951), Bk-Wh side-view DHC, (half-page).

"Definitely worth waiting for", The Autocar (April 30, 1948), Bk-Wh front-view 4-4, (half-page).

"Disraeli said England is . . .", The Autocar (December 2, 1949), Bk-Wh front-angle view DHC, (half-page).

"A true Cyclecar", The Light Car and Cyclecar (November 17, 1913), Bk-Wh side-view 3W, (full-page).

"Drive of your life", Classic & Sports Car (2003?), Color front-angle +8, (full-page).


Advertisements with Morgans

“BAP/GEON” – Green Flat-Rad with lady in white jumpsuit, (full-page).

“The Warehouse” – Bk-Wh, Roadster with couple and furniture, (full-page).

“Bank of Newport” – Bk-on-Br, 3-Wheeler, (full-page).

“Canyon Hills Realtors” – Bk-Wh, portion of Roadster in front of house, (quarter-page). Orange County Illustrated.

“Kays Catalogue” – various colors, Roadster hanging from hoist, (full-page).

“Girling Brakes, Ltd.” – Bk-Wh, views of Plus-Four-Plus, (full-page). Autocar, October 4, 1963.

“International Male Catalogue” – various colors, 1967 Roadster, (full-page).

“Robinson’s” – Bk-Wh, lady in jumpsuit by Roadster, (half-page).

“Classic Motorbooks Catalogue” – various colors, cover-photo of Roadster, (full-page).

“Bullocks-Wilshire” – Bk-Wh, two gentlemen by a silhouette of a Roadster, (full page).

“Popular Mechanics Magazine” – various colors, cover-photo of a Roadster/DHC, (full-page). July 1978.

“Sunoco Oil” – Bk-Wh, Morgan DHC-SS amidst other classics, (full-page).

“Pye Television” – various colors, racing Roadster on TV screen, (half-page).

“Dunlop Tires” – Bk-Wh, Plus-Four-Plus, (full-page). The Motor, October 9, 1963.

“Sears Catalogue” – various colors, Plus Four with luggage, (full-page).

“Haggar Slacks” – Bk-Wh-Bl, Gentleman perched on Roadster, (full page). The Morning Call, December 6, 1976.

“German Tourism Pamphlet” – various colors, Roadster with lady exiting, (full-page).

“Bargain Bangers” – Bk-Wh, Roadster For Sale!, (one-third-page).

“P&O Lines” – various colors, Roadster on country road, (one-third-page).

“Hotel Mayflower” – various colors, Roadster with couple checking in, (one-third-page).

“Mister Guy” – Bk-Wh (2 ads), models by a Roadster, (both half-page). St. Louis Globe – Democrat, September 30, 1981.

“Clarion Stereos” – various colors, couple in and by a Roadster, (double-page ad).

“Exotic Motor Car Accessories Catalogue” – various colors, lady and dog in Roadster, (half-page).

“Michelin Tires” – various colors, Roadster at speed, (full-page).

“Essex Credit Corp.” – various colors, Plus Four on the beach, (quarter-page).

“Cable & Co. Shoes” – Bk-Wh-Br, young man in Roadster, (full-page).

“Cosmos Travel Inc. Catalogue” – various colors, cover photo featuring orange Four-Pass. with couple sunning!, (full-page). 1980.

“Topaz Cigarettes” – various colors, lady in Roadster, (full-page).

Unknown Clothing Catalogue – various colors, lady sitting on Roadster, (full-page).

“Europe Deluxe Tour Brochure” – various colors, Roadster, (full-page). 1982.

“LeSportsac” – various colors, front portion of Roadster with luggage, (full-page).

“Pace Petroleum Ltd.” – various colors, prepared Morgan with other race cars, (full-page).

“Esquire Luggage” – various colors, couple in Roadster with suitcases on rack, (full-page).

“Kent County Counsel Brochure” – various colors, cover-photo of Three-Wheeler on country lane, (one-third-page).

“Aciko Audio” – various colors, topless lady standing by Roadster, (full-page).

“Dewar’s Whiskey” – various colors, Roadster lost in sheep, (full-page).

“Kwatta Candy” – various colors, couple in Roadster eating chocolate, (full-page). “Girling Brakes) – Bk-Wh, Peter Morgan with Tony Brooks by a Roadster, (full-page). Motor Sport, April 1960.

“Broomwade Tools” – various colors, man assembling Morgan wood frame, (double-page ad).

“Covercraft” – Bk-Wh, lady demonstrating car cover on a Roadster, (quarter-page).

“Festival Theatre Program” – various colors, caricature of Morgan on cover, (one-third-page). 1986.

“Sporty’s Catalogue” – various colors, cover photo of couple picnicking by Roadster, (full-page). 1988.

“Radio Times Magazine” – various colors, cover photo depicting cartoon Morgan on tour, (full-page).

“Holden Vintage & Classics” – various colors, Morgan on a purpose-built car lift, (one-eighth-page). Classic Cars Magazine.

“Volvo” – various colors, “Dad Can I Borrow The Volvo”, with Morgan in the background!, (double-page ad.).

"Specialists Car Covers" - Silver Aero 8 with black car cover half-on, (quarter page).

"Parlour Cottage" - White Roadster parked by a Bed & Breakfast unit, (1/12th page).

"PermaBag" - Green-black Roadster, 3 views of storage back system, (2/3rd page).

"Collectors Car Garage" - Green Roadster on beach road, (half-page).

"Pebble Beach Retro" - Two 3-Wheelers passing one another on beach road, (full-page).

"Stanford Wealth Management" - Gray Roadster, front view, (full-page).

"J.C. Taylor Insurance" - Cream 3-Wheeler on rust-red background, (full-page).

"Clifton Mills Lofts" - Beige and tan Roadster parked by condominium complex, (full-page).

"BASF Chemical Co." - Dark green 4-Pass. set against "fuzzy" interior view, (full-page).

Vilem B. Haan, Inc. - Black Roadster (#145) with racing-attired driver exiting, (full-page).

And many others from/for Specialized Car Covers, BASF Chemical Co.,
Pebble Beach Concours, Stanford Co., J. C. Taylor Insurance, Clifton Mill Loft,
Perma Bag, etc.


...the first 110 Years, and on!

(aka - my Morgan Library!)

The A-Z of Three-Wheelers: A Definitive Reference Guide
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A Morgan - JAP Anthology
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A Portrait of a Car
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A Tall Short Story
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ABC of the Morgan
Morgan Three-Wheeler Club

Ash and Dash
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Auld Morgan Automobile Parts Lists Reference
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("self-published"?), USA, 2014.

Auto Histoire - The Morgan
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The Best of the Bulletin
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The Best of British, in old photographs - Morgan
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The Best of Clarrie
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The F-Type Morgan
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Fast Green Car (Novel)
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(4th Edition of foregoing publication - Peter Thompson).

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Ronnie Price
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Tour du Monde ’94
John McNaughton (& Gladys!)
Instant, USA, 2004.

John Bradshaw
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Tuning for Speed
Phil Irving
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W. Boddy
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Wooden Body Framing
Alan Alderwick
Osprey Publishing, Ltd., London, 1984.**

A Yank At Malvern
Cuthbert J. Twillie
(Self-Published), Washington, USA, 2000.

* Story-line features a Morgan, (e.g. a novel).
** Text features many marques, but dust-jacket and/or cover art features a Morgan!
*** First book to mention Morgan, replete with photo!
+ Includes photos of one of my Morgans! ☺

N.B. Above lists all known books (soft & hard bound) re: the Morgan marque, excluding club histories and re-issued owners’ manuals . . . magazine and newspaper articles also not included as they're too numerous.

P.S. Additions and corrections welcomed!


Car Badges – *

75 Years of Morgans ("1909-1984")

Peking to Paris (#1)

Morgan Regalia Collectors Society

Morgan Club Australia (#1)

Morgan Sports Car Club of Austria (#1)

Morgan Sports Car Club Belgium (Bk.)

Canada: Morgan Owners Group

Toronto Morgan Owners Group

Morgan Club France (old style)

Morgan Club Deutschland - Germany (old and newer versions)

Morgan Club Deutschland - Sektion Nord

Morgan Club Deutschland - Munich

Morgan Sports Car Club-Great Britain (1st version)

Morgan Sports Car Club (G.B.) - Cranfield Centre

Morgan Sports Car Club (G.B.) - High Peak Centre

Morgan Sports Car Club (G.B.) - Scotland Centre

Morgan Sports Car Club (G. B.) - Southcoast Centre

Morgan Three-Wheeler Club - Great Britain (#1 and a newer version)

Morgan Sports Car Club Holland (#1 and a newer version)

Morgan Sports Car Club Japan (#1 and a newer version)

Morgan Sports Car Club New Zealand (#1)

South African Morgan Owners Group (rectangle #1)

Morgan Sports Car Club Poland (#1)

Morgan Owners Group Sweden (#1 and a newer version)

Morgan Club of Switzerland

U.S.: Morgan Owners Group Great Lakes (#1 and a newer version)

U.S.: Ohio Morgan Owners Group (#1)

U.S.: New York Morgan Owners Group (oldest U.S. Badge!)

U.S.: Morgan Owners of Philadelphia (#1)

U.S.: Morgan Plus 4 Club - So.Calif. (2nd version)

U.S.: Morgan Owners Group South (#1)

U.S.: Morgan Motor Car Club - Texas (#1)

U.S.: Morgan Sports Car Club - No. Calif. (#1)

U.S.: Morgan Owners Group Northwest (#1)

U.S.: 3/4 Morgan Group Ltd. (#1)

U.S.: Morgan Car Club of Washington, D.C. (1st, 2nd, and 5th versions)

* The First 75 Years Collection “closed” when they began producing badges for events and started making replicas of old originals . . .ugh; (although I do have a number of the recent “commemorative” badges, but not on-display).


Coffee Mugs and Tea Cups *

Verbage and/or Image Colours Maker’s Mark
Multiple Morgan Images 1909-2009 Multiple on white McLaggan Smith Mugs
Red Roadster White (red car)
Modern 4 Pass. Green on white
Green Roadster White (green car) Crown Bone China
Morgan Memorabilia Museum Original “corporate logo” Orange-beige on white “Cactus” image
Various blue models circling perimeter base White (all blue cars) By-gone Era Bone China
Large Morgan Script Purple on white
Morgan Company Logo Green on white Made in England
Large Morgan Script Red with black edge on white
Caricature Morgan White (blue car)
Grey Roadster with Morgan Memorabilia Museum Brown with white edging
Morgan 3-W Club badge Green on white Countryside Art
Various images from Morgan 3-W Club Multiple on white Originals by Elmsley
Blue Morgan Wings circling upper edge Cream (all blue wings)
Blue Aero with red Aero Script Blue & Red on white
Black Aero SS and “A Century of Great Cars” White (blue script)
Green Roadster on British flag British flag on white
Morgan Logo Black on white
Large Morgan Wings Grey on white “Cactus” image
Brown embossed wings Dark brown (Hand-made)
"Driven at Heart" Blue (white script)  
Wings & a Roadster Off-white  
Wings & a Flat-Rad BRG on white  
"competitive" +4 Roadster Blue  
Roadster with other British cars White (green car) Kent Pottery
And many more!!!    

* All “generic” . . .(i.e. not from Businesses or for Events).


Morgan Collector Cards

Castella Cigars #22 (30)
Britain's Motoring History
Aero Sports Yellow
Castella Cigars #29 & 30 (30)
Classic Sports Cars
Plus 8 & 4/4 Black & Red
Unital (Phone Card) Plus 8 Red
Golden Era #1 through 6 Various Models Various
Kelloggs’ Corn Flakes #38 (4) DHC 4/4 Blue
Telecom (Phone Card) ’73 4/4 Green
(No Name, etc.) Plus 8 Blue
Player’s Cigarettes #32 (50) 4/4 Blue
(No Name) #1 through 7
(Very Lg.)
Various Models Various
J.H. Shelly II #1 (2) 3W Red
Maxilin Marketing Co. #19 (25) Plus 4 DHC Flat-Red Black
Mother’s Cookies #24 (42) Plus 4 White
Jacques Chocolate #67, 182, 183, & 184 (Belgium) Various Models Various
T.C.G. Trading Card #17 (?) Plus 4 (4-Pass) Red
Weston’s Biscuits #20 (24) 1927 Aero Red
Priory Tea #9 (50) 4/4 Green
Sharmon Newspapers #19 (24) 1933 Super Sport White
R.R. Miranda Candy #35 (50) 1910 “Tri-Car” Grey
Barratt & Co. Candy #6 (50) * 1927 Aero Red & Green
Dream Cars (Panini) #71 (100) Roadster Blue on Blue
Malties Cereals #1 (40) Plus 4 Flat-Rad Red
Lambert & Butler Cigarettes 1910 Runabout Dk. Purple

Collection also includes two 3 ½" x 3 ⅜" cards sans source depicts a Red 1937 SS, the other a Black 1956 4/4. Another 4 ¾" x 2 ½" card shows a Red 4-seater +4, also without source credit...although the back-side of all three cards provides model details. In addition, I have two 4 ½” x 2 ½” light cards illustrating a Black 4/4 and a Yellow +8, without source or back-side info. . . .as well as a 3 ¾” by 2 ½” depicting a greenish 3W with all info. in Thai (#36041).

*Yet to be acquired


Factory Catalogues, Folders, etc.


Catalogue – Booklet of three or more pages which are secured on one edge, stapled, or sewn with thread and/or glued.

Folder – Consists of a single sheet of paper folded in various ways and sizes to form a booklet.

Sheet – A single sheet of paper not folded. Various sizes but normally 8 ¼” by 11 ¾”. Printed on one or both sides.

Post Card – Printed on a single piece of card with an illustration on the front and specifications on the back.

Variation – Any “variation” to the original, either in printing, prices, number of sheets, colour, changes, etc., is regarded as a variation.

Collection includes one (or more!) from each decade of Factory production.

* Courtesy Ken Hill . . .likewise his original listing(s).

Request: Please share any corrections and/or my “questioned dates” via the contact page.

1. 1913 Catalogue. "The Safety and Comfort of a Motor Car & The Simplicity and Cheapness of a Motor Cycle." 9.13" x 7.25". 8 Pages. Includes photographs, specifications, list of extras available, and competition successes. Illustration of a Runabout at speed with man and woman in driving attire. (Red & off-White).
2. 1918 Sheet. "The Morgan Runabout," with illustration. 8.25" x 10.13". Text re: history and description, also in French & Spanish. (Black with off-White).
3. 1923 Sheet. "Morgan," with 3 illustrations. 3.25" x 7.75". 2-page Swiss Text . . .likewise accompanying letter of particulars fr. P. R. Schaub, Zuerich Morgan dealer, (letter-head stationary w/ Morgan images!).
4. 1924 Folder. "Cyclecar MORGAN". 2 illustrations and descriptive text in French. 4" x 5.25". Fr. S. Sanford – Agent (Paris).
5. 1928 Catalogue. "The Pioneer & Still The Best". 5.25" x 8.25". 8 Pages.
(Red & Tan).
6. 1929 Catalogue. "The Pioneer & Still the Best". 8.5" x 5.5". 9 Pages. (Art-deco Red Aero w/couple!).
7. 1931 Catalogue. "Motoring for the Million". Specifications, photographs, list of extras available and description of "M" type chassis. 1931 season list price also included. 8.5" x 5.5". 13 pages. (Rust-red on tan).
8. 1935 Catalogue. Specifications including body dimensions drawings, and drawings of each model, list of competition successes. 10" x 7". 12 Pages. Illustration on cover of a Family picnicking and a racing Morgan in the background on Brooklands embankment.
9. 1936 Catalogue. Specifications, photographs, and list of competition successes. 4.75" x 8.75" foldout sheet. "Introducing The 1936 Morgan", with illustration of "F" type outside ornamental gateway. (Blue on gray).
10. 1936 “Postcard” 4-4 Photo with specifications on back, and price – 185 Guineas. (Sepiatone).
11. 1939 4/4 Folder. Morgan 4/4 "wings" on cover, and titled "In a Class of its Own". Opens to show three models and prices as follows: two-seater – 190 Guineas; four-seater – 205 Guineas; and Drop Head Coupe – 225 Guineas. Rear cover: Adams and Sons (Printers) Ltd., Hereford. (Green on beige).
12. 1947 Catalogue. Specifications, photographs, and list of competition successes. 5.75" x 9.5". This sheet has "37 years and still the best three-wheeler" in large type on the back. (Red on gray).
13. 1947 "Post Cards". "F" Super, "F" Four-Seater, Two-Seater, 4/4 Tourer and Drophead Coupe. (Sepiatone).
14. 1952 Plus 4 Folder. 6" x 9.5". Two-seater on the front, with a four-seater on the back. Drop Head Coupe (number JNP239) on inside with specifications, along with other models. Adams and Sons (Printers) Ltd., Hereford.
(Black on blue and red).
15. 1953-54 Plus 4 Catalogue. 7" x 9.5". 12 pages including imitation leather grained cover. Two-seater pictured as interim grille model; in addition to other models with prices. Printed by Adams and Sons (Printers) Ltd., Hereford. (Brown on tan).
16. 1955 Plus 4 Catalogue. 7" x 9.5". 12 pages including cover. Cover illustration of a Plus 4 at speed amongst hills by a stone wall. Photographs illustrate two-seater and other models. Specifications for both the Vanguard engine and TR-2 engine. Printed by Adams and Sons (Printers) Ltd., Dalok Works, Hereford. (Black on white and green).
17. 1955 Sheet. 9" x 12". Depicts photos of all models with prices and lists racing successes. Fergus Motors, Inc. – N.Y. (Red and gray on white).
18. 1956 Plus 4 and 4/4 Series II Catalogue. 7" x 9.5". 12 pages. Cover: "Morgan Catalogue 1956" printed top left. Illustrates all models with prices. Specifications for the Vanguard engine and TR-2 engine. Printed by Adams and Sons (Printers) Ltd., Dalok Works, Hereford. (Black on light blue).
19. 1957 Sheet. 9" x 12". Front side depicts large steering wheel and a 2-Pass Roadster; backside shows models. Fergus Imported Cars, Inc. – N.Y.
(Green on white).
20. 1962 Plus 4 and 4/4 Series IV Catalogue. 12 pages. Printed "Morgan 1910-1962" "Over Fifty Years of Experience". All models listed with prices, including S-S. Bottom of page 9 lists specifications for "Super Sport" model. UK agents and overseas distributors listed on back cover. Printed by Adams and Sons (Printers) Ltd., Dalok Works, Hereford. (White and black on green).
21. 1962 Plus 4 and 4/4 Series IV Folder. 5" x 7.5". Cover depicts 4/4 Series IV two-seater with disc wheels. Prices listed on page 2. Photograph of Plus 4 four-seater page 3, specification on page 4. At bottom of page 4 under Morgan Motors, main London distributor is listed as Basil Roy Ltd. with page address and telephone number. Printed by Adams and Sons (Printers) Ltd., Hereford.
(Black on white).
22. 1964 Plus Four Plus Folder. 6.5" x 9". Cover has photographs of Plus Four Plus, "The New Car for the Sports Enthusiast", and "Morgan Plus Four Plus". Inside has two views of "869KAB". Lists specifications and UK distributors. Designed and produced by Granville, Lang and Partners Ltd. (Red with black on white).
23. 1965 Folder. 5.5" x 8.5". Photos and features for all models, including Plus Four Plus. Cover shows racing (#42) Plus 4 with MORGAN "outlined". Fergus Cars, Inc. – N.Y. (Black with green on cream).
24. 1966 Plus 4 and 4/4 Series V Catalogue. 16 pages. Cover has illustration of two seater 4/4 in the woods surrounded by trees all tinted in dull green except the words "MORGAN First of the real sports cars" in white letters. All Cars illustrated. Basic prices listed. UK agents and overseas distributors listed on page 15. Specifications for the Super Sports model and the 4/4 Series V Competition model included. No printer listed, but price sheet "Printed in England."
25. 1967 Plus 4 and 4/4 Series V Catalogue. Black and white, with blue highlights. 16 pages. Cover has illustration of a Morgan two seater (number 3) preparing to race. Cover blue with "Morgan Competitive" in white. All Cars illustrated. Prices listed on enclosed letter from Sutton & Pflug (LA).
26. 1969 Plus 8 and 4/4 1600 Catalogue. 5.5" x 9.2". 8 pages. Cover illustrates dashboard of Right Hand Drive Morgan with a view looking down the louvered bonnet at 5300 RPM. Cars illustrated are Plus 8 Roadster, etc. UK agents and overseas distributors are listed on rear cover. This is the first Morgan catalogue to show the Plus 8. Printed by Adams and Sons (Printers) Ltd., East Street, Hereford, England. (Orange and white on black).
27. 1969 Plus 8 Folder. This is the first Plus 8 folder, and is illustrated with a photograph of MMC11. Five standard colours are listed; one is new for Morgan; i.e. Orange Chrome. UK and overseas agents are listed on back page. No printer listed. (Pink and white on black).
28. 1970 Plus 8 and 4/4 1600 Catalogue. 8 pages. Cover printed with black background and word "MORGAN" in big pink letters. Also a Morgan with the number plate "Morgan 1910-1970". Cars illustrated are Plus 8, etc. UK agents and overseas distributors are listed on rear cover. Printed by Adams and Sons (Printers) Ltd., East Street, Hereford. (Pink and white on black).
29. 1973-74 Plus 8 and 4/4 1600 Catalogue. Full colour catalogue. 12 pages. Cover illustrates a "psychedelic" Morgan on blue and white background with gold rays behind the car. Inside contains colourful "psychedelic" drawings. Cars pictured are Plus 8, etc. UK agents and overseas distributors are listed on page 9. Page 10 and 11 show 18 black and white photographs that illustrate old Morgans racing and factory scenes. Designed by Charles Morgan and printed by Adams and Sons (Printers) Ltd., Hereford.
30. 1975 Plus 8 and 4/4 1600 Catalogue. 12 pages. Cover shows street scene in London with two young men admiring a maroon Plus 8 with stone interior and side screens. Cars pictured are Plus 8, etc. UK agents and overseas distributors are listed on page 10. Page 11 shows five black and white photographs that illustrate Morgan factory scenes. Printed by Adams and Sons (Printers) Ltd., East Street, Hereford. (Various colours).
31. 1975 Plus 8 and 4/4 1600 Sheet. Front shows photograph of street scene in London with two young men admiring a Plus 8. UK agents are listed on front. Reverse shows Plus 8, etc. Printed by Adams and Sons (Printers) Ltd., East Street, Hereford. (White on black).
32. 1975 Folder. 6.25" x 8.5". Cover depicts front left portion of US Plus 8, includes 4/4 specifications. (Separate Price Sheet included). ISIS Imports, Ltd. – S.F. (Okra and dark brown).
33. 1976 Plus 8 and 4/4 Folder. 2 folds. Full colour. Cover depicts Plus 8 and small photograph of Plus 8 at speed. Inside illustrates "The Big Beefy Plus 8", 4/4 two-seater, and 4/4 four-seater. Back lists UK agents and overseas distributors, and Plus 8 and 4/4 extras. No printer listed. (Yellow on white).
34. 1977 Plus 8 and 4/4 Folder. Cover depicts Plus 8. Inside depicts "Exciting Plus 8" and "Fantastic 4/4" two-seater and "Four Seat Fun 4/4" four-seater. Back lists UK agents and overseas distributors, and Plus 8 and 4/4 extras. No printer listed. (Blue on white, with yellow inside).
35. 1981 Plus 8 and 4/4 Folder. 8.25" x 12". Cover printed "Morgan, First of the Real Sports Cars" in white outline on black background. Two small photographs of the factory and one large photograph of a country scene with a green Plus 8, blue 4/4/ two-seater, and white 4/4 four-seater illustrated on front cover. When fully opened, the folder illustrates a large colour photograph of a 4/4 and 4/4 four-seater, plus colour photographs of the factory and black and white photographs of past Morgans. Back page lists UK agents and overseas distributors, and Plus 8 and 4/4 extras. No printer listed. Separate price list insert.
36. 1982-83-83 Plus 8 and 4/4 Folder. Cover shows a young couple in a red 4/4 two-seater below the Morgan Wings emblem and a Union Jack flag and a chequered flag. When fully opened, folder has colour photographs of various models and black and white photographs of past Morgans. Back pages lists UK agents and d overseas distributors, and Plus 8 and 4/4 extras. No printer listed. (Red, etc. on white).
37. 1988-89-90-91 Plus 8 and 4/4 Catalogue. 12 pages. Full colour heavy dimpled paper used for cover, which has illustration of a close-up of the Morgan Wings emblem covered in frost. Catalogue opens to reveal a "silhouette" of a Plus 8. The new Plus 4 with Rover M-16 engine is illustrated on pages 6 and 7. Specifications listed for all models. Page 11 shows UK agents and overseas distributors. The rear cover shows an old photograph (from 1951) of a young lady leaning on the door of a 1951 Plus 4 in Paris. No printer listed. (Dark blue and white).
38. 1992-93-94 Plus 8 and 4/4 Catalogue. 16 pages. The cover has a reproduction of an original painting by Charles Morgan. Opens to reveal a photograph of factory workers similar to those seen in April 1990 issue of Esquire magazine. Pictures with specifications are listed for all models. Pages 14 and 15 list the UK agents and overseas distributors using a World map and flags from each country that Morgans are sold in. The back cover (page 16) shows a photograph of Tony Barry, who worked his whole life at the factory, the retired to die shortly thereafter. No printer listed, but photographs courtesy of Neil Miller, Richard Tipping, and Richard J. Sowers. (Various colours).
39. 1993 Catalogue. Cover has front view of Plus 8 badge and part grille. 20 pages. Inside contains photograph of two dummies in a car being crashed. Rear cover has photograph of Peter Morgan with dog in AB 16. (Red).
40. 199? Catalogue. 11.75" x 9.25". "No Compromise". Unfinished Plus 8 portion on cover, with 18 pages of full colour models with details. Papyrus – UK. (Various colours).
41. 199? Folder. Morgan script on cover with black Roadster against leaves. Unfolds to Plus 8 with blond. Morgan Motor Co. (Various colours).
42. 199? Catalogue. 8.5" x 12". Portion of dark blue grille on cover, with 8+ pages regarding all models . . .includes inserts featuring each and ISIS info. Sheets. Morgan Motor Co. (Full colour).
43. 200? Folder. 8.25" x 10.75". Morgan grille on cover, with many colour photographs of silver-blue Aero inside. Morgan Motor Co. (Blue, etc.).
44. 2000 Catalogue. 8.5" x 11.75". Blue Aero quarter view on cover. 11 pages. Colour illustrations with end pocket for M. Rutter Letter, etc. Morgan Motor Co.
(Full colour).
45. 200? Folder. Blue Aero with couple & "Life is Good" on cover. 8.25" x 10.75".
46. 2006 Folder. 8" x 10.5". Blue +4 and "Return of the Classic" on cover, includes specs and other models. (Green with blue).
47. 2008 Set of Fold-Out Postcards. "Driven at Heart". 6" x 4". (Blue-Gray cover).
48. 2008 Folder "exposed" titled "Life Car". Opens to show side, front & rear photos, with (predicted) specifications regarding fuel cell, etc. (Gray on black).
49. 2008 Press Pack CD. Morgan Motor Co. 5 ⅛" x 5 ⅛". (Silver-Gray).
50. 2009 Folder 8" x 5 ¾". Morgan AeroMax on cover, with photos of most other models inside. Fr. Newtown Motors (Wales). (Gray-Green & Blue cover).
51. 2009 Catalogue 6 ½" x 6 ½". Morgan Wings on black cover, embossed with Hublot logo. 20 pages, with AreoMax photos & drawings.


Morgan Lapel Pins & Buttons

Too numerous to list (maybe 135!)*, and size – shape variations are difficult to describe, (see video!). Some, however, are especially noteworthy as they are hand-made (Karen Ambellen) and/or solid gold (Dezso Rubesch) and/or sorta silly (Betty Boop). Others are especially unique and very rare:

C. 1910-15 “Morgan” (Employee Pin) (Blue)
Mid-1930s “Factory Staff” - London Motor Show (Red & Black)
Mid-1940s “Morgan Exhibitor” - Crystal Palace Auto Show (Yellow & Cream)
(2010) MSCC's Past Chair Pin (Green & White)
 (#1 Awarded to R. G. Pritchard)**

* Countries Represented:
Australia Belgium
Canada Denmark
France Germany
Holland Italy
Japan Portugal
Spain Switzerland
United Kingdom United States

** (Ken &) Janet Hill's Uncle


Magazines With Morgan Covers

Australian Sports Car (February – March, 1979)

Auto Express (November 22, 2000)

Auto Express (March - April, 2002)

Auto – Visie (April 18, 1981)

Autocar (June 2, 1968)

Autocar (September 12, 1968)

Autocar & Motor (May 15, 1991)

Autocar & Motor (November 17, 1993)

Automobile (May, 1984)

Automobile (September, 1997)

Autoweek (March 13, 2000)

British Car (June, 1992)

British Car (December 1, 1998)

British Car (December 1, 1999)

Car (June, 1997)

Car (September, 2000)

Car Collector (August, 1978)

Car Collector (August, 1981)

Cars & Car Conversions (January, 1979)

Car Graphic (1973-12) - Japan

Car Graphic (1979-8) - Japan

Cars & Parts (April, 1981)

Classic & Sports Car (July, 1997)

Classic & Sports Car (January, 2000)

Coast Car Collector (February, 1983)

Collector’s Car (February, 1980)

Collector’s Car (March, 1980)

Constructor Quarterly (June, 1999)

Flying Models (January, 1991)

Great Cars (May, 2008)

Hot Car (November, 1968)

Hot Car (January, 1972)

Le Chauffeur (May, 1999)

Light Car & Cyclecar (April 23, 1917)

Light Car & Cyclecar (April 5, 1919)

Milestone Car Society (June 15, 1997)

Model Collector (June, 1990)

Model Collector (May, 1996)

Model Engineer (October-November, 1999)

Motor (September 14, 1968)

Motor (April 18, 1981)

Octane (May, 2012)

Old Car Illustrated (Summer, 1976)

Old Car Illustrated (April, 1989)

Oldtimer Markt (January, 1998) - Germany

Performance Car (August, 1993)

Popular Classics (June, 1991)

Popular Classics (August, 1992)

Practical Classics & Car Restorer (November, 1988)

Racecar Engineering (May, 2002)

Restored Cars (July-August, 1996)

Restored Cars (September-October, 2004)

Road & Track (August, 1980) *

Road & Track (June, 1991)

Small Car (August, 1964)

Sporting Cars (November – December, 1981)

Sporting Cars (February, 1985)

Sports Car Graphic (April, 1963)

Sports Car Graphic (April, 1964)

Sports Car International (January, 1991)

Sports Car Mechanics (September, 1982)

Sports Car Mechanics (February-March, 1985)

Sports Car Monthly (March, 1987)

Sports Car World (January, 1969)

Sports Car World (October, 1974)

Sports Cars (April, 1966)

Sports & Exotic Car (May, 2011)

Super Cars (Vol.7 / Issue 78)

The Car (No. 16)

The Classic MotorCycle (October, 1989)

The Daily Telegraph (Unknown month, 1999)

The Light Car (August 19, 1927)

The Light Car (December 16, 1938)

The Mile Post (March-April, 1988)

The Milestone Car (No. 23)

Thoroughbred & Classic Cars (November, 1980)

Thoroughbred & Classic Cars (September, 1986)

Thoroughbred & Classic Cars (January, 2009) **

Top Gear (January, 2001)

Vintage (Vol. 1 / No. 8 or 6?, 1971)

Vintage Canada (Vol. 5 / No. 5, 1978)

What Car? (April, 1974)

What Car? (June, 1981)

Note: Collection limited to the earliest two issues of any one publication, given storage limitations! (Although other Morgan-cover issues are available for trade).

* 70th Anniversary Issue, (no cover photo) . . .but features Morgans On The Lawn!

** “100 Years of Morgan” Issue!



Collection includes one or more variations of each of the following makes,* plus another 7 yet to be classified!

ABS White-metal*
Acorn (Atkinson) plastic G.B. made by Atkinson*
Andre Marie Ruf French made
Animated series Postman Pat Doctor Sylvia Gilbertson - who owns the Morgan
Aondio Italian, made in wood
Assetts Ceramic Morgan Plus 8 white
Atelier de Bedarieu France
AutoFantasy G.B. made white-metal
Automobilia Collection G.B. made (Western) for Dutch Shop
AutoSculpt G.B. made with resin and aluminum powder
Azur Made in France, numbered
B.K.L. (Autoreplica) G.B. made, (now France)*
Big One Gum Plus 8 (most probably made by LS 1:43rd scale for Kabaya Food
Blue Grille Japanese plastic car (Tomica size 1:57th) (Also made in yellow)
Brumm Italian made
BUSCH German made plastic (+ Mirrors & no. plates)
Cararama Hongwell China
Christmas Cracker Hong Kong made, (found in Texas!)
Clivedon Collection G.B. made
“Coal” (manufacturer not known) G.B. made
Compulsion G.B. made, heavy . . .seems to be pewter
Corgi Juniors G.B. made
Corgi Rockets G.B. made
Danbury Mint U.S.A. made, available in the U.S.A.
Del Prado Made in China, probably by same factory as Vitesse.
Dutch battery powered two tone Morgan
Dutch Candle
Gaiety Toy (Castle Art) GB made, they come with different wheels and some are free wheeling . . .mostly with clockwork drives with hole in passenger side
Gakken (now available as Academy Minicraft)
Glass Crystal GB made originally on wooden base
Gorgo Made in Argentina, friction drive 7 ½” long
Garner, Ron paper "cut-out" Aero*
Grand Prix G.B., (can be factory-made in B.R. Green)*
Guriko Morinaga plastic (free with sweet)
Hamleys China
High Tech Modell Made in Germany, high quality small scale
Hong Kong H M Hong Kong, manufacturer unknown
IMPAG – Funny Oldtimer China, plastic model copy smaller scale Masudaya
Itommi Czechoslovakian 1931 three wheeler wood
John Day G.B. made
Justa Spanish based Englishman
Kyosho Japanese made in China
L/B Hong Kong, made similar to Tomica
L/S Plastic*
Laika model made from copper
Liwaco Cartoon like
Majorette 200 Series French made
Majorette 250 Series French made
Majorette 450 Series Thailand made Crazy Roadsters
Mark Models G.B. made pewter on wooden base
Masudaya Japan made
Matchbox Collectibles Made in China, same as Vitesse different space
Meccano G.B. made, originally of meccano parts*
Melvyn Rutters Wooden models, (representation)
Melvyn Rutters Metal on a base, optional wire wheels
Metal 24 G.B. made (Western) for Danhausen*
Metal 43 Identical to Andre Marie Ruf*
Michel Aroutcheff French made wooden models beautifully finished, numbered and signed -(representations rather than accurate)
Mikansue G.B. made white-metal*
Milestone Miniatures G.B. made white-metal
Minicraft (Academy) Korean made, plastic*
Model World China and Hong Kong copies of Masudaya
Motorkits White-metal*
Motormax China made, marketed under Red Box
Old Timer Hong Kong made, similar to Tomica
Oriental Ceramics made two traditional 4/4s in green and red and a blue Aero 8
Pactra Slot Cars (scalextric size)*
Piccolino G.B. made from a Scalelink kit
Polistil Tonka Italian made plastic and metal
Popular Imports Resin artistic 4/4, made to look old and used. (China)
Provence Moulage French made resin*
Revell this is the same as Del Prado Made in China, probably by same factory as Vitesse.
Riko This is a Gakken marketed by Riko, (Richard Konstrom Ltd.)*
Scalelink G.B. made white-metal*
Schuco China, (made by Hongwell /Cararama but relabled)
Scott Schleh U.S.A. made ceramic, (can be made to order)
SCX slot car Morgan Aero 8
Siku German made latterly made in Hong Kong
SLM 43 Resin and metal – made by Christian Gouel in France
Slot Classics Spanish limited edition of 400 (slot car)*
Smer Czechoslavakian made-plastic
South East Finecast G.B. made white-metal*
Spark Prestige collection made in France
Sport Car Friction Drive, made in China
Springside G.B. white-metal*
Standard Soap Company G.B. made
Starter French made resin
Sterling Classic Studios Pewter
Sun Star - Vitesse Portugal, (made in China)
Tin Plate (Unknown manufacturer)
Tomica Japan and China made
Vitesse Portugal, (made in China)
Waldorf German made, (See appendix)*
Western G.B. made, (also made up)*
Zee / Zylmex latterly Red Box China made, (also marketed by Dynawheels)
* model is a kit

127 total, all different . . .very few colour or top up-down variations!

P.S. My thanks to Cliff Baker . . .his Lists are enabling me to individually identify every model, (“slow but sure”!).

FYI Collection includes “models” made of all the following materials:

aluminum resin
auto-parts rock
ceramic silver
eraser silver-thread
glass soap
gold tin
pewter wax
plastic wire
porcelain wood



Red Morgan* Multi –
Aero Script Blue w/Gold
many Roadsters Multi –
Morgan Grille Blue w/Multi –
Morgan Silhouette Lavender & Black
3 Morgans (watercolor) Multi –
Morgan Wings Black w/Blue & Yellow
front-view small Morgans Blue w/Multi –
Morgan Wings Blue w/Rust
GB Sports Cars Red w/Multi – (Morgan is Green)
MSCC Logo Burgundy w/Blue
Santa Claus in Morgan Green, Yellow, etc.
Aero 8 Morgan Blue w/Grey
Morgan Wings Blue w/Gold
Morgan Grille* Grey w/Pen & Ink
3W Morgan Club Green w/Silver
3W (2010)* Blue w/Pen & Ink
Morgans (many) Various w/Red-Background
Morgan Tartan Blue w/Multi –

* Very artistic ...contemporary!


Other “Publications”

The Morgan Runabout – Lubrication Chart; (23” x 17” fold-out fr. Factory in an envelope), not dated.

Tyres and Your Morgan Four-Wheeler; (4.5” x 6” booklet fr. Dunlop), 1938.

The Cyclecar; (1st Factory ad and 1st ads for Used Morgans!), Issue No. 1, 11.27.12.

Service Data No. 70 – Servicing the Morgan 4/4; (8-page Supplement to “Motor Trader”), 08.09.39.

Service Data No. 194 – Morgan Plus Four; (8-page Supplement to “Motor Trader”), 07.23.52.

24 Heures du Mans; (official Race Program, with Peter Morgan & Chris Lawrence autographs on cover!), 1962.

4-Cylinder S.V. Super-sports Model F; (Factory 4-page reprint of MotorCycling Road Tests), 03.23.38.

Malvern Link, Morgan Life and The Morgan World . . .all issues.

The Morgan Three-Wheeler Club; Club Rules, etc. (10-page, 3" x 4 1/2"), 1950s, green cover.

The Ultimate Car Collection: Morgan; (File Data SHeet w/photos), del Prado Publications.

No More Twins; Clarrie Coombes - (Morgan 3W Club History), 1966.

Morgans in the Movies - (A Catalogue compiled by Ed Herman).

The Bulletin, FORMAT & Miscellany from 1969-on ... and an assortment of other clubs' newsletters.

Morgan Badges - (A catalogue compiled by Claude Lauze).


Pedal Cars

1/3 – Scale 4/4 RedThe Morgan Model Company (Cheshire, GB).
(plastic body & steel chassis w/ aluminum, rubber, etc.)
1/4 – Scale +4RedToy-Toys, spa (Milan, Italy)
(plastic w/rubber, etc.)
1/3 – Scale (?)  (Raw) 1920s 3-Wheel (A. East / Lincoln)
1980s scratch-built one-off original*
(aluminum, glass, leather, etc.)
1/3 – Scale (?)  BRG 3-Wheel "Morgan Factory 100 Year"
SuperSport Jr. #017 (special order)
1/4 Scale+4 Pink Very basic, metal (US)

* Very detailed and unbelievably accurate!

And a Child's Rocking "Horse" ...crafted from a variety of wood! Very detailed.

Also . . . a "Morgan Two" Bicycle - (Adult Medium).



CaptionImageColor(s)Date* Size**
The 4/4 of Dick Anthony. . . 4/4 B/W B R
  Family in a Morgan! B/W B R
  3-Wheel B/W C R
The Village Edale, Derbyshire Roadster Yellow, etc. A R
Britannia Inn, Elterwater Roadster B/W B R
Bramfield, Herts Roadster B/W A R
The Ship Inn, Lymington 3-Wheeler B/W C R
  Rally scene w/ 3-Wheeler B/W C R
Le Tòuquet-Paris-Place, Village
3-Wheeler Blue, etc. C R
  Family 3-Wheeler B/W C R
Old Houses, Holborn, London 3-Wheeler B/W C R
  Family 3-Wheeler B/W C R
  3-Wheeler B/W C R
  3-Wheeler B/W C R
1939 Morgan 4/4 Climax Flat-Rad Red A R
A selection of the 120 Morgans
that gathered at Brooklands
120 Morgans! Various A R
Rob Wells pouts TOK 258
through its paces at the MSCC
Mallory Park Races
Le Mans Morgan Green A R
1948 Morgan brochure front
cover Courtesy of Morgan Motor
Co., Ltd.
Factory AD Green A R
Adrian van der Kroft’s 1959 +4
leads during the 2002 Le Mans
Racing +4 Red A R
1930 Morgan Super Sports Aero,
C.M. Booth Collection.
3-Wheeler Dark Blue A R
A Morgan heads toward the sunset
in the New Forest.
“Sunset” Reds A R
The Morgan Motor Co. Ltd
Roadster Black A R
Paris Morgan agent, Pierre-Henri
Mahul competing in the 2002 Le
Mans Classic.
Racing Roadster BRG A R
1972 Morgan 4/4 2 Seater. 4 cyl.
The 4/4 stands for 4 wheeled/
4 cylinders . . .
4/4 White A R
PT135. Morgan Motorcar 1963. 4-Pass B/W A R
Hand built in Malvern Link, this gathering is at Birtsmorton. “Morgan Meet” Various B R
Royal Mail Stamp Flat-Rad White/Chrome A R
  Roadster Red A R
1938 Morgan Le Mans 4/4 Green A R
Pen-and-ink sketch Roadster B/W B R
Montlhery Banking Roadster Red B R
The Great Malvern Hotel Hotel photos
w/ Red Morgan
Various B R
“Daily Bovril” Morgan & MG Yellow & Red B R
1933 Morgan (Chris Booth) 3- Wheeler Sports
Blue A R
Aero 200 Mile Replica 1924 Morgan Aluminum A R
1931 Morgan brochure front
cover Courtesy of Morgan Motor
Co., Ltd.
Factory AD Red A R
“I love my Morgan” Man on Roadster! B/W B R
Classic British Sports Cars (sketch) +4 DHC Orange tones B R
The Morgan Motor Company +4 & 3-Wheeler Green & Red A R
D.W. Brownell Collection Roadster BRG B R
1935 Morgan 3-Wheeler SS Metallic! A R
1926 Morgan brochure front
cover Courtesy of Morgan Motor
Co., Ltd.
Factory AD Family
Green tones A R
C.M. Booth Collection 1935 F4 White B R
Scotland Roadster White A R
Automuseum Ibbenûren 3-Wheeler Red A R
“Morgan 100 Years” +8 Roadster Dark blue A R
Classic Sports Cars Factory brochure Red A R
Classic Cars – Series I +8 Roadster Red A R
Classic Cars – Series I Roadster Teal A R
Classic Cars – Series I 3-Wheeler Black A R
Classic Cars – Series I 4-Pass Roadster Yellow A R
Classic Cars – Series I +8 Roadster Red A R
MORGAN 3-Wheeler Black A R
John Clarke – 2002 Le Mans Flat-rad Roadster Black A R
J.P. Nesse Sculpture TOK Le Mans BRG A L
Isis Imports shop photo Fink & Miller w/ +8 B/W A L
Morgan West holiday card Aero 8 Red A L
Isis Imports Ltd “spec sheet” +8 Roadster Red A L
  Badge collection Various A L
Morgan West holiday card 3-Wheeler Blue A L
Mostly Morgan Ltd 3-Wheeler B/W A L
“The History of Morgan” Various models B/W with green A L
“Classic Sports Cars 1896 – 1996” Postage stamps Various A L
Jenkinson’s Classic Caravans Roadster w/ Trailer! B/W A R
w/ couple
w/ couple +friend
The White Heart . . .+8 RoadsterBlue w/variousA R
  3-WheelerB/W C R
(Albert & his Wife)3-Wheeler
w/2 ladies & child
w/lady w/hat
 1938 4/4 RoadsterBlack w/variousA R
(ROX 27Y)+4 RoadsterGreen(s)A R
(D765WJB)+8 RoadsterWhiteA R
High Halden, Kent3-Wheeler (1914?)B/WC R
Guernsey Motor MuseumFlat-Rad RoadsterB/WB R
Morgan (Francois Bruere - Fr.)+4 SS LeMansGreen & sepiaC R
(2 Women & 2 Children)+3-WheelerB/W (sepia)CR
(disassembled Family w/C. Fowke)3-WheelerB/W (sepia)CR
French (set of 8)"Vintage" DarmontsB/WAR
(Very early Morgan!)3-WheelerB/W (sepia)CR
Mobile Traffic Police (GK 6873)3-WheelerB/W (sepia)CR
(AB3259 / Andoversford)3-WheelerB/W (sepia)CR
 3-Wheeler (1927)RedBR
(Town Hall, West Norfolk)RoadsterBrown(s)AR
British Auto Legends68 +8 StampGray-GreenAR
Man & Woman with hats3-WheelerB/W (sepia)CR
("mother in car")3-WheelerB/W (sepia)CR
(from Factory)3-Wheeler (F Family)B/W (sepia)BR
Fun Fellow with Top Hat!3-WheelerB/W (sepia)CR
Fun Fellows in accident!3-WheelerB/W (sepia)CR
Four Gentlemen3-WheelerB/W (sepia)CR

* Per my “best guess” unless otherwise indicated:
      A Contemporary (1970 - )
      B Old (1940 – 1969)
      C Oldest (1909 – 1939)

**  R = standard postcard
      L = extra large size

+same ...reprinted (modern), via Samsung as an ad. (?).

Note: Most "Oldest" B/W cards are sepiatone.


Postage Stamps

Abkhazin (Yellow/Green) 5.00
Australia1 (Blue/Green) 50c
Austria (Red/Blue) 55c
Austria (Many!) 62c
Bernera Isl. (Scot.) (Blue/Pink) 30p
Bernera Isl. (Scot.) (Blue/White) 30p
Cuba (Blue/Yellow) 1
Gambia (Yellow/Gray) D5
Grenada (Red/Green) 5
Kurgzstan (Blue/Green) 20c
Lesotho (Red/Rust) M4
Malawi (Silver Blue/Green)K150
Malawi (Red/Mixed)K250
Malawi (Green w/Tan)K350
Malawi (Dk Blue on White)K350
Manama (Green/Tan) 1 riyai
Mocambique (Red/Okra) 1300 MT
Republic of Tchad2 (Green/Mixed) 3000F
Rwanda (Yellow/Green) 200F
Rwanda (Blue/Mixed) 200F
Rwanda (Lavender/Mixed) 300F
Scharaui (Green/Yellow) 68 ptas
Somalia (Puntland) (Red/White) 5000 SI
Somalia (Puntland) (Green/White) 5000 SI
Togolaise (Green/Blue) 500F
Tuvalu (White-Blue) 10c
Tuvalu (Red/Blue) 40c
Tuvalu (Blue) 40c
U.K. (Britsh Racing Green)128
U.K.3 (Silver/Beige) 63p
U.K.4 (Yellow/Green) N/A
USA (Rust Red) 39c

1 TAB Stamp (MOCA 50 Yrs.).
2 Morgan on "1st Day surround", (not on Stamp).
3 Also on a "1st-Day Cover" envelope.
4 "Collector Stamp" (not Postage).


Posters, Prints, Paintings & Plaques

147 items, including the works of J.E.Tomlinson, Nicholas Watts, James Dougdale, Goodman Loy, Karl-Heinz Hornberg (10-print set), as well as some one-only (?) original works by unknown artists such as the 1962 Le Mans Victory Poster, the "brief lives" poster featuring funky underground comic book images, etc. . . .and - most noteworthy - collection includes the c.1920 Darmont poster by Leo Bouillon.

1. Darmont Morgan (circa 1922). 3-Wheel Morgan, Art-Deco style lithograph with "jaunty" couple driving by a lake. Car is red, by green tree with gray-blue sky. All inscriptions in French. 23" x 32". *** (This is the original -and only known- first-ever Factory Poster, not one of the now numerous smaller re-print copies)
2. Le Mans '62 Victory Poster. Red Plus-4 passing Grandstands, with yellow background. 22" x 30".
3. "brief lives". "Funky" image from underground comic book cover, (The Sandman series). Depicts "scissorhand-type" male with eye-patch standing by a black Morgan with lady sprawled across the bonnet! Multi-coloured. 22" x 34". *
4. The Gutenberg Festival 1982. Black-and-white photo of a 3-wheeler, with young boy standing in background doorway. By Randy Robertson Graphics. 23" x 36".
5. The Gutenberg Festival 1982. Black-and-white photo +4 Roadster with brick background. By Randy Robertson Graphics. 23" x 36".
6. The Gutenberg Festival 1981. Black-and-white photo of a flat-rad and a newer Morgan. By Randy Robertson Graphics. 23" x 36".
7. +4+, Blue with gray background and a man standing nearby. Signed (J.E. Tomlinson / 1982 - No. 36). 22" x 28".
8. Collage of various Morgan models ('36 - '96), all different colours. By E. Dilling, (Norway). 20" x 28".
9. Silver-gray +8 on black background; no inscription, (appears to be a photo). 27" x 19".
10. Royal-blue +8 with chrome spoke wheels; Charles Morgan driving on Malvern country road, no inscription (appears to be a photo). Signed and dated. 23" x 16".
11. "The Romantic Road", photo-ad for Cheltenham Spa featuring deep purple +8 with couple on country lane. 12" x 16".
12. "Forty Years On", various models on green background with "Morgan" inscribed on center. 22" x 35".
13. Morgan pick-up truck and DHC flat-rad. Black pen-and-ink on beige paper. Signed Grady Myers. 11" x 16".
14. Flat-rad roadster. Black pen-and-ink on white paper by Baron Graphics, (1981). 11" x 9".
15. abc Concours - event poster (09/25/77). Features various models, black pen-and-ink on white. 14" x 36".
16. "Art-deco" bonnet view. Deep purple pen-and-ink on vanilla paper by Goodman Loy (1981). 22" x 13".
17. Caricature image. Burnt-brown pen-and-ink on vanilla paper by Goodman Loy (1981). Signed by Peter and Heather Morgan. 17" x 22".
18. Morgans on the Lawn #5 event poster - (04/18/82). Repeat depiction of DHC. Green ink on beige paper by Goodman Loy. 14" x 21".
19. 75 Years of Super Sports. Multiple photo images, black-on-green by Grady Myers (1984). 22" x 32".
20. The Morgan Sports Car Factory by Lawrence Bold-de-Haughton (# 40), with signed mat-border. Personally autographed by Charles Morgan, the artist, etc. 36" x 22".
21. autoFaire / Los Alamitos Racetrack event poster - (10/05/80). Black ink flat-rad image on orange paper, (with Lotus Elan in background). 17" x 23".
22. Pontivy Concours event poster - (Morgan Club of France / 06/14/81). Various Morgan models, black-on-white. 16" x 25".
23. Morro Bay event poster - (07/15 - 17/83), Morgan grill, silver-on-black. 16" x 25".
24. Morgans on the Lawn IV event poster - (04/11/81), silver Morgan single-line outlined on black. 20" x 30".
25. "Music on the Road" (Remus ad), red Morgan with male violinist. 19" x 26". *
26. Black Morgan with draped white sheet on black background. (Factory poster-photo). 23" x 16".
27. Red Morgan, rear-quarter view. (Factory poster-photo). 23" x 16".
28. Blue and white Morgans, bonnet view only. (Factory poster-photo). 23" x 16".
29. "Winning Form at Le Mans", watercolour by Graham Turner (680/800). Signed by artist and peter Morgan. 20" x 17". *
30. Gray 1958 DHC by J. E. Tomlinson, with Dutch windmill. 24" x 34". **
31. "Morgan Racers", fr. F.H. Douglas. Signed by artist Dave Fisher (119/1000) showing 1934 SS, 1962 SS, and 1976 +8. Multicoloured. 16" x 23". *
32. "Tex Mog 3" event poster - (10/14-16/83), silver Morgan with blue panel. 14" x 22".
33. "Mog 11" event poster - (07/03-06/81 / Washington D.C.); green DHC on beige background. 17" x 22".
34. Calendar pin-up page of a "topless bimbo" washing (attempting to wash!) silver Morgan, (1984). 16" x 17".
35. Grape-colored +8 on white background, with black border. Signed by artist, (signature illegible). (195/1000). 27" x 20".
36. Red flat-rad on white background with black border, by J. E. Tomlinson. 22" x 28". *
37. Chartreuse Roadster near "Gray Palm Restaurant" (French). 12½" x 8.5". *
38. Black 3-Wheeler (UH761) racing, Oil Painting by N.A. Watts (1984). 28" x 20". **
39. Green Roadster by Pismo Rock (event poster), block-Print by Sharon Martin (3/10). 22" x 18".
40. 1913 Three-Wheel with HSF & Wife near British Flag, pencil sketch by Goodman Loy (1976). 19½" x 15".
41. Early Three-Wheel pen-and-ink by Dennis Bailey (1982). 14½" x 12".
42. Green +8 with blond driver; full-color by Michael English, (signed by Peter Morgan). 23" x 16½". *
43. Red flat-rad on mirror-glass (1980). 12½" x 9".
44. 1928 Three-Wheel pen-and-ink by Russell Walden (?). 11¼" x 7¾".
45. Roadster on embossed tin (?). 6" x 10".
46. Three-Wheeler with John and Evelyn Wilburn, pen-and-ink (1980?). 5" x 6¾".
47. Chris Booth with 1927 Morgan, pen-and-ink by Goodman Loy. 4¼" x 3½".
48. Peter Morgan with Three-Wheeler and umbrella, pen-and-ink by Goodman Loy (1983). 5" x 4½".
49. Porcelain-plaque front-view image of white Roadster. 5" x 4".
50. Wooden plaque with 3-D representation of Morgan Three-Wheeler (front and side views), full color. 34" x 23".
51. Garrett's yellow 1955 DHC on black background, photo by Scott Williamson. 24" x 20".
52. "Morgan at LeMans" signed print (146/200) by François Bruere (1962). 20" x 20".
53. "Morgan +4 Close Up" signed print by Neil Martin (2/50). Black-and-white, with red "spot light". 16" x 16".
54. "Photographic" oil painting on canvas, radical prototype image of silver Aero and Morgan Wings (5/125).
55. Pencil sketch of Morgan +4 with driver and tennis racket by Alain Levesque (1998). 6½" x 5½". *
56. Roy Clarkson's special-bodied Morgan. Pen-and-ink by Goodman Loy. 6½" x 5". *
57. Historic "1930 Family Morgan" red 3W (painted exclusively for CAR Magazine by Peter Griffin). 11" x 8½".
58. Historic (1914 Morgan Three-Wheel Cyclecar" green (drawn exclusively for CAr Magazine by Peter Griffin). 11" x 8½".
59. Red +8 with image of Dutch house in background. Watercolour. 8" x 11½".
60. Watercolour print depicting start of sports car race, one's a Morgan! Range of dark colours, (painted exclusively for Sports Car Graphic). 21" x 18".
61. Le mans Morgan print (164/200) by Francois Truvere, (green cepia-tones). 20" x 20".
62. Morgan 4/4 1937 composed of various watch parts and pieces (gold), by Ammon of London. 6½" x 6". *
63. "Classic Styling - V8 Power", green +8 on aluminum plaque. 15¾" x 11¾".
64. "Coachbuilders and Motor Engineers", green +4 and Morgan logo on light-yellow aluminum plaque. 12" x 16".
65. Collage-like photos of green Aero 8 by Charles Aluarus (?). 9" x 13".
66. Watercolour 1951 green +4 with Morgan logo by J. Goebel. 17" x 11".
67. I & J Macdonald Ltd. green Morgan +4 with man standing and smoking nearby, (by Ken Reed 1977). 21" x 27".
68. Set of four watercolour prints: blue racing +8 cream 4-Pass., green +4, red +; sizes vary (est. 16½" x 12½").
69. "Classic Travel, Great Malvern" print depicting red 3W and DHC at a train station; signed by Eric Bottomley (159/850). 22½" x 16½".
70. 100th Anniversary - "Wine Country Classic" - Infineon Raceway event poster with royal-blue Morgan racer with a field in the background, by David Grandin. 18" x 22".
71. Sindy Rutter's pink Morgan with construction workers, with Sindy driving; photo-poster. 23½" x 16½".
72. Black +8 in front of a graffiti wall, (Factory photo-poster). 24" x 16".
73. "1930 Morgan J.A.P. Super Aero named Red": Larry Ayers' super Aero 3W poster with history. 20" x 30".
74. Gun-metal gray Aero 8 front view, (photo-poster). 24" x 16".
75. "Pebble Beach Retroart" 2009 event poster, multi-coloured background with two opposing 3Ws on Highway 1 with lone pine silhouette in background. 18" x 27".
76. Series of F.H. Douglass image reproductions depicting: 1925 Deluxe Morgan, blue Aero on book cover, Mrs. Stewart's Morgan JAP 3W (DH-713), "Nearly 60 Miles in One Hour" The Cyclecar cover signed by various people, 1926 The Light Car and Cycle Car factory ad with red 3W with couple driving, "Motoring for the Million" poster with red family Runabout with 4 full size adults, "The Morgan Runabout" 1923 factory ad in The Light Car and Cycle Car Magazine with two ladies driving (black and grey). 11½" x 16½".
77. "Two for the Price of One" English AA advertising poster depicting two red Morgan from above. 20" x 27".
78. "Belco Base Coat" ICI advertising poster with red Roadster. 30" x 20".
79. "The Morgan Sportscar Factory" print signed by various persons including artist Lawrence Butt (40/850). 36" x 22½".
80. Morgan Van, signed pen-and-ink by Goodman Loy. 11" x 8½".
81. Black and white cut-away diagram of +4 SS by Shin Yoshikawa, shows all internal workings/components. 24" x 18".
82. "The Factory" print featuring a collage of "cartoon" caricatures surrounding a Morgan, black-on-cream by Terry Quirk. 23½" x 17".
83. Pen-and-ink flat-rad Roadster by Goodman Loy. 8½" x 11".
84. Black-and-white cut-away diagram +4 showing all internal workings/components, by B.S. Smith (MSIA). 18" x 12".
85. "Third Annual National Morgan Owners' Concours and Meet" event poster - (PA / 1973), red Roadster on gray background. 17" x 22".
86. Front-view of Vintage 3W pen-and-ink with early airplane in the background, by Goodman Loy. 11" x 13".
87. "The Pioneer & Still the Best" catalogue cover-photo showing red 1928 Family 3W at the beach, with family standing on hill in background. 12" x 16¾".
88. Royal-blue +8 with chrome spoke wheels, male driver in brown flying jacket going through Malvern hills; no inscription, (appears to be a photo). 23" x 16½".
89. "Aero 8 It's Here" royal-blue on black, Factory photo-poster. 23" x 16½".
90. Karl-Heinz Hornberg (signed 10-print set): 1954 two-tone blue Plus 4, 1975 red Plus 8 (2 copies), 1918 green Grand Prix, 1970 two-tone brown 4/4, off-white 1910, 1958 blue Plus 4, black & white F Super, dark brown 1934 SS, black 1936 4/4.
91. "The Morgang" cartoon caricatures around a 3W; black-on-cream, by Terry Quirk. 17" x 23½".
92. "Shaker Square British Car Day" event poster - (7 August 1993) showing Morgan paraphernalia including Jan. '63 MOT, etc.; earth tones, border has alphabetical list of British cars. 24" x 18".
93. "Sharing the Ride: Moments in American History". 3rd annual student poster contest showing Morgan, train and horse drawn carriage; sepia tones. 20" x 16".
94. "2nd Vintage Fall Festival" - (Lime Rock Park Sept. 1984), event poster with green 3W. 11½" x 17".
95. Ralph Lauren Christmas Ad - (NY Times, 1990), with blacck 4-Pass. DHC. 10¾" x 12½".
96. "OhMog VIII" event poster with green Roadster racing (June 1991); green stones on beige paper, with various sponsor ads. 17¼" x 25½".
97. Black-and-white pen-and-ink cutaway of 1936 3W showing interior components by Richard Roland Gilmore. 17" x 11".
98. "The Morgan Garage; Not Our Cup of Tea Mate, We Want Black Ones!" showing bikers with Sindy Rutter's pink Morgan; photo-poster ad for Melvin Rutter Limited. 23½" x 16½".
99. Morgan Plus 4 Club Arco Plaza Concours - event poster (08/1975), black and beige. 8½: x 14".
100. "Miscellany" pull-out poster showing yellow Aero 8 on country lane. 23½" x 16½".
101. "Morgan 4/4 Le Mans" poster (2002) with dark car on blue-and-white background (45/100). 11¾" x 16½".
102. Untitled photo showing blue Plus 8, with chrome spoke wheels on blue background. 36" x 24".
103. Royal-blue Aero 8, background is a night street-scene. 36" x 24".
104. "Malvern Meets Maranello" race scene with Morgan at Le Mans passing green Ferrari signed by James Dugdale (100/850), with other signatures including driving Jim Tucker and Ferrari driver Mike Salmon. 35" x 27".
105. "Morgan in 1969" proof print black-on-white signed by J. E. Tomlinson (May 1997), includes personal note. 23" x 29½". *
106. "Morgans at the Point II" event poster - (West Virginia / Oct. 1992), black-on-white with Le Mans Morgan on racecourse. 14" x 23".
107. "Fifth Midwest Morgan Meet" event poster - (Indiana / June 1980), black-on-brown with Roadster. 11" x 17".
108. "OhMog V" event poster - (Kings Island / June 1988), various blue Morgans on cream paper. 17¾" x 25".
109. Print of Annie Tomlinson in Roadster looking over her shoulder (5/50), rust-and-black on white by J. E. Tomlinson. 23" x 29½". *
110. "OhMog Six" event poster - (Richfield / May 1989) showing 4-Pass. Roadster and front of another Roadster; red-on-cream. 18" x 24".
111. "Mog 9" event poster - (Luray, Virginia / June-July 1979), showing Roadster (MCC DC), black-on-brown. 17" x 22".
112. "75 Years of Morgans" event poster with programme - (Great Malvern / July 1984) showing Roadster, black ink on yellow paper. 16½" x 23½".
113. "Meadow•Brook•XI" event poster - (1995) showing red flat-rad Roadster on rural racecourse followed by other cars with spectators in the background, signed by artist Braun. 22" x 31".
114. "MOG 12" event poster - (Virginia / 1982) with blue Plus-4-Plus on cream, also has specs. 17" x 20½".
115. "Malvern & Morgan; Times Change - Elegance Remains" poster depicting a print advertising Malvern, sepia tones with gray-blue Flat-rad in right-hand corner foreground and vintage view of Malvern hills in background. 18¼" x 13¾".
116. "Pretty Woman wearing shorts with Morgan Logo" pencil drawing of Roadster. 31" x 19". *
117. Morgan Wings etched on mirror. 16" x 13".
118. "Morgan Authorized Service" (two-sided) sign red text on white. 12" x 7".
119. "Morgan +8" (sea-foam hues) on pavement, watercolour (?) signed by Chuck Wooduw (?) - 77. 22" x 16".
120. DHC pen-and-ink on cream paper. 10½" x 8½".
121. "PAW 900" Roadster on copper plaque signed by G. Kew -78. 10" x 7½".
122. "The Last of the True Sports Cars" brown pen-and-ink on cream depicting various models signed by Thomis Haynes (48/1000). 23" x 33".
123. Mounted Japanese Ad. "SAZUWA" showing lady leaning against green Roadster. 11¾" x 16½".
124. Brown pen-and-ink sketch on cream paper showing a Roadster with Dutch home in the background - "MGL's MOG 1980". 16½" x 12½".
125. Aluminum plaque with red +4 Roadster on white; "The Morgan Motor Co. Ltd." 16" x 11¾".
126. Print of red 3W (JC1519) with pencil English home in background, signed by D.G. Mackay. 15" x 11".
127. Brushed aluminum plaque with "Morgan Plus 8 - Morgan Motor Co." with specs. 12" x 7".
128. "Fifth Annual National Morgan Owners' Meet" event poster - (July 4, 5, 6 1975 / PA) showing red DHC on mustard. 22" x 17".
129. Light blue 1937 4/4 on dark-blue plstic plaque. 11¼" x 5¼".
130. "Morgan Authorized Service" aluminum black-on-white sign, (single-sided). 12" x 9".
131. Red 3W at the fox-hunt, (print). 9" x 7".
132. "Morris Stapleton Motors" art-deco depiction of beige Morgan in front of a gray grand building, with Morgan 3W by formally-attired couple and dog. 36" x 24". **
133. Glass plaque with gray Morgan wings on burnt-orange background,. 21½" x 10".
134. "1953 Morgan" orange-and-pink on white by Goodman Loy. 14" x 11".
135. "Chassis Lubrication Diagram" (Isis Imports poster), brown pen-and-ink on cream paper. 17½" x 23".
136. "Motoring for the Millennium" aluminium plaque showing rust-red Family 3W & flat-rad gunmetal-gray Roadster passing on a country lane. 15¾" x 11¾".
137. "Morgan 60th Anniversary" event poster showing gray racing 3W (8) on orange-red background. 20" x 30½".
138. "MogWest Meet - 1978" event poster, Goodman Loy. 19½" x 25".
139. "1927 & Plus 8 Leaving the Abbey Hotel" brown pen-and-ink on cream paper, signed (illegible). 9" x 6¾".
140. "Seventh Annual National Morgan Owners' Meet" event poster - (July 1-4, 1977 / VA) showing black pen-and-ink flat-rad Roadster on cream-and-blue background.
141. Red +8 roadster parked by a country lake. 16½" x 11¾".
142. Dark-blue with red accents +8 roadster in front of a Mobil Oil petrol station. 16½" x 11¾".
143. "Morgan Motor Company Ltd." possible print ad copy showing silver 4-Pass. roadster with luggage by 4-way street sign post (Gilford/London) near a country field. 16½" x 11½".
144. "The Lakes" (watercolour), showing blue-green roadster parked next to the lake with boats in background, signed by Kevin Walsh (3/650). 19" x 13". *
145. Glazed ceramic tile showing dark green roadster with luggage on sage background. 11¾" x 7¾".
146. Red-and-white Morgan Wings on dark-green background porcelain on steel plaque.
147. "BP Energol" Morgan Lubrication Diagram (circa 1950), plastic sign. 16" x 12".
* Signifies level of rarity and/or unique aesthetic value . . . multiple means "more"!


Puzzles & Games

Red +8.  500 Piece: “The Works”, (335mm x 490mm).

Blue-Grey +4 Wings.  CD-Type “Jewel Case” with “Tiles”.

“The Damn Fool Morgan Game”, (3¼” x 3¼”).

Black +8.  Platnik #5163.  Mini Puzzle 24.

New Black +4 & Old Green Roadster.  500 Piece:  Numbering, (38cm x 53cm).

Red 3-W.  500 Piece: The Heritage Collection, (47cm x 34cm).

1930 Blue-Grey Morgan.  Amber (Wooden), (40cm x 26cm).

1934 Aluminum 3-W.  260+ Piece: Vintage Cars Jigsaw, (38.7cm x 26.4cm).

“Junior Morgan – The Race Is On” – (Children’s Game).

Green Roadster. 500 piece. "The Lakes", (36cm x 49cm).

The word MORGAN ... interlocking wooden letters.

Red Flat-Rad DHC & Red 3-W. "Malvern Train Station", (13" x 27").*

Red 3-W (w/big brown Bentley!). 350 pieces. Yesteryear Puzzle, (480 x 350 mm).

Green Roadster. 1,000 piece, Heritage: Great British Sports Cars - 1953-1972, (14" x 14").

BRG +4 Roadster. 1,000 piece, "Castle Combe" (Gibsons), (12" x 12").

"Ready to Roll" (Peter Bradshaw), Red 3-W. 500 piece, (49cm x 33.5cm).

“I see, I see . . .?” (WASGU?), Green +8. 1,000 pieces, (14.4” x 10.5”).

* Not yet acquired...can you help?


Related Paper

90+ Greeting Cards featuring the Morgan, (many from Peter Morgan).

John Bryan's pen & ink illustration “The Motorcar’s Triumph” – (supplement to Motor Cycling – 28th Nov., 1911).

A nearly complete collection of Jacques Gallien’s artwork . . .much of it a bit risqué!

Event Programs and assorted Morgan Club Newsletters.

Correspondence . . .from all who matter most, and many more!*

Morgan Aero - Woodworking Plans, (1/6 Scale).

Morgan Cartoon, The Mail on Sunday, (May 12, 1996).

* Includes Autographs (H.F.S., etc.), and a lengthy (3 pages) hand-written letter from Peter Morgan to Gregory Houston Bowden re: Morgan history dated October 30, 1969.



Artist Type Size Medium Colour No. Value
“Soft Traffic” 4W 18” Cloth Pillow Red N/A $200
Pavlova, Mariana 4W 120mm Silver Thread (Silver) N/A $375
Greene, Rich 4W 1:16 Wire and Copper “Rust” 2/2 $175
Nesse, J. Paul 4W 18½” * Bronze Green $10,000
Snelgrove, Ron 3W 8” Rock Silver/Black N/A $50
Wheeler, Bruce 3W 14” Brass/Copper Green 1/1 $750
Aroutcheff, Michel 4W 15” Wood White 205 $300
Boyles, Laurence 4W 12” Hydro-stone “Bronze” 7/200 $250
Wilburn, John 3W 8” Wire “Rust” 1/1 $150
Hossack, Robert 4W 1:16 Ceramic Yellow 1/1 $800
Unknown 3W 1:20 Tin “Tin” N/A $100
Longhunt (?), Tony 3W 11” “Auto Parts!” Black N/A $100
Schleh, Scott 4W 4½” Clay Yellow/Black 1/1 $60
Unknown 4W (Pottery?) “Bronze” Green/Gold 1/5 $4
Unknown 4W 14½” Tin (“Toy”) Red N/A $150
Modelauto+ 4W 15½” Copper Copper N/A $370
Corbett, James 3W 19” Car Parts Chrome/Red 1/1 $2,000
Unknown 3W 10” Tin Blue (dark) (?) $100
Asfour (Egypt) 4W 4" Crystal (Clear)   $500
Villory & Boch1 4W 8½" Ceramic Green   $100
McCoin, Jim 3W 13" Steel (Raw) 1/1 $2,000
Unknown 3W 18" Wood "Folk Art" Green   $500
Nesse, J. Paul ** 8" Bronze (Bronze) 1/5 $900
Unknown 3W 8" Resin British Racing Green   $100
"Santa Claus" (Lennox) 4W 10" Bone China White/Red N/A $200
Michael Aroutcheff 3W 12" Wood, etc. Burgundy N/A $400
Unknown 4W 12" Aluminum (Aluminum) N/A $400
Les Johnson *** 1:5 Bronze (Bronze) 2/2 $25,000
(Disney) 4W 8" Metal Art Red + 201/350 $800

+ from Holland
* Base 27"
** Bust of Peter Morgan
*** 4W w/HFS & Peter!
1 "Benedikt & friends"


Slot Cars

Carrera +8 1:32 Blue Digital
Carrera Aeromax 1:32 Silver Digital
Champion (Racecar) 1:24 Blue Champion chassis w/falcon motor
Pactra* Slot Cars (scalextric size)
SCX-GT Aero 8 1:32 Silver/Blue Technitoys Juguetes, S.A. (Spain)
Slot Classics* 4/4 1:32 Spanish limited edition of 400 (slot car)
Slot Classics +4 SS 1:32 Le Mans: TOK 258
Aurora* +8 1:43 Dk. Green w/t-jet slim-line ho chassis



Morgan Collector Plates

“A Drive in the Country”. 1930 Morgan Aero Super Sports. Royal Doulton – Classic Sports Cars series by Barry Rowe (1997). #449 / 2500 (multi-coloured). 10 ½”.

“By Gone Era”. Caricatures of various Morgans driving around the perimeter of the plate, (all Morgans are blue). 8 ½”.

“The Morgan Three Wheeler Club: 50th Anniversary (1945 – 1995)”. 3 car images, (blue, green, red). 8”.

Morgan Roadster (red). Tadema Designs (Stoke-on-Trent). 8”.

“75 Years of Morgan (1909 – 1984)”. Boehm Fine Bone Porcelain. Two images, (blue 4-W & red 3-W). #32 / 75. 8”.

“Morgan Centenary 1909 – 2009”. Royal Worcester. Ornate design, (blue & gold). 8”. *

Roadster, (blue on plain white). 11”.

“Commemorating 75th Anniversary of Morgan (1909 – 1984)”. Malvern Fine China, Ltd. 4-W (blue) with GB & Checkered flags. Size ?

* And an essentially similar miniature version . . .a “party favor” from the Gala Dinner